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Your Financial Roadmap for the Future – What's Involved?

Financial meeting between two people.

In many ways the financial planning process is very simple and straightforward.

It begins with you booking an appointment on line here on this website, so we can meet face to face and have a full and franked conversation about your financial situation. There is a small fee of $300 charged against you credit card when you make this appointment and this is fully refundable if you go on and become a client.

At this first meeting, it is helpful if you can bring along a copy of your last tax returns, copies of any bank statements relating to your mortgage or any credit card debts you may have as well as the latest statements you have from your superannuation funds.

The more accurate the advice that you provide me at this meeting, the more accurate and useful will be the information I can provide you.

As part of this initial meeting I will complete a client date form as well as a risk profile assessment relating to your attitude to risk and investment. If you feel comfortable filling in these forms yourself, you go do so by going on line here and doing so.

Many clients feel overwhelmed by the large number of questions asked n these documents, so don’t feel discouraged if you feel you can’t complete these forms in the entirety. Complete what you can and simply submit them on line. We will complete them together at our first meeting.

Once I feel I have developed a thorough understanding of what you hope to achieve, I will then generate a Statement of Advice or Financial Plan for you to consider. This will effectively provide you with a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be in five years time and beyond.

The cost of providing this detailed financial plan is $2,200 and this is payable at the second meeting when I go through it in detail with you. Again, this will be rebated in full if you decide to become a client.

The financial plan will provide you with everything you need to know in order to sort out your finances once and for all and to move on with your life with peace and confidence. It will also provide you with full details of any fees or charges you may incur as a result of following my advice before you sign on the dotted line. There are no surprises or unexpected fees.

Once you have signed the Statement of Advice, I will then go to work on your behalf. Typically, I will then have your finances sorted and organised within a month.

So think in just four short weeks, you good have the peace of mind and confidence that only having your finances sorted and restructured can bring.

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